Video Courses Don't Really Help!

They simply don't prepare you for real-world problems that your employer expects you to solve. With a focus on hands-on and research-based learning, we help you learn and excel at industry-leading tech.



AWS Serverless


Having experienced it ourselves, we understand how traditional online courses fail you. You simply cannot master cutting-edge tech, watching it from the sidelines. We built rehearse to help you learn tech the way it is meant. Our mission at rehearse is to help you learn the basics and guide you while you fend for yourself trying to discover the astonishing complexities of whatever it is you are excited about learning. We promise that learning it our way could only mean coming out on the other side more industry ready than you could've expected.

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We expect you to develop or deploy your research skills. You will be provided with all the necessary tools and information to guide your research. rightArrow

Your employer understands that you will never know everything, but you are expected to figure things out and translate that experience to build solutions.

We expect you to get your hands dirty. Every step in our learning process requires you to complete challenges designed to mimic real-life requirements. rightArrow

Practically building something requires you to know a lot more than just your primary tool, and the only way to excel at it is to be hands-on.


We are in the process of building our community, so all our course offerings are invite only and free for you early birds.

Course Offerings

Our current catalogue includes courses in DevOps & Software Development. We are hard at work adding more offerings.

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